Fashion for the Fearless FAQs

How do I nominate a person to Receive a #fashionforthefearless comfort package?

After you spend $150 on product or a gift card and checkout online, you can reply to your order confirmation email. Please provide your nominee’s name, address, estimated top size. (XS-L) and a brief reason why you chose them!


What if I don’t have a specific person to nominate, but I want to support?

Don’t Worry! Lucy’s has reached out to area hospitals and local community leaders to compile a list of deserving nominees


How will the person I choose, know I nominated them?

Lucy’s will enclose a personalized note letting them know that you nominated them, that they are appreciated and loved.


* What if I want support and remain anonmynous?

That’s completely up to YOU! We can send it from Lucy’s on your behalf


Can I choose what goes into the #fashionforthefearless comfort package?

No need to! Lucy’s has pre-selected items all ready to go to your special nominee.


What is included in the #fashionforthefearless comfort packages?

A cozy blanket wrap, a mask/eyeglass case, a cozy pom pom hat, and a mask lariet (valued at $200) and a personalized letter !


Who handles shipping of the #FFF package?

Lucy’s is taking care of all the details for a safe contactless process.


Will I be charged for shipping?

NO- Lucy’s is covering the cost to ship all #FFF packages within the continental US.


When will my nominee receive their package?

Depending on where they live, typically between 1-5 biz days.